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Follow You Down

Every Friday, I’m going to share with you a few social media accounts that I think are worth following – there’s SO much garbage out there that sifting through it all can get tedious and smelly. I’m aiming to make your life a wee bit easier – woot!woot! Here we go – today we will talk Twitter:

@MarkDuplass – director, actor, writer, musician, all-around AWESOME dude. He posts all the time, and his posts are consistently kind, sweet, funny, and generally leave you feeling a warm fuzziness in your belly. LOVE him! Here’s some of his recent highlights:

  1. PiperPerabo – actress, activist, bad-ass extraordinaire. She has chosen to use her platform to promote issues that matter – voter registration, the bullshit that is the political climate in the US (she was arrested during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus and recently as part of Jane Fonda’s climate change ‘Fire Drill Fridays’), social awareness…she’s fantastic, and a great voice for women everywhere. Here’s what she’s been up to:
  1. @jannarden – Canadian singer, writer, actress, and person who writes songs that make me feel seen. I’ve followed Jann for years, I feel like I know her family (and pets), and I LOVE the way she interacts with her audience…she’s brilliant at engaging people in conversations. She happened to ask a question on Twitter a few months ago about bad dates that I had to reply to…and my Twitter blew up! Take a look:

There’s SO much negativity on Twitter, and somehow crappy stuff seems to creep in to my feed all the time…I don’t get it. I prefer people who share my political beliefs, who make me laugh, who make me think….I want to feel good when I’m partaking in social media. I can feel like garbage on my own – I sure as hell don’t need help with it from the peeps on Twitter!!!!

Anyway – send me the people that you follow and love! I can’t wait to find some great new peeps!!! 😊



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