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Better (Wo)Man

I’ve been reading self-help books for over 20 years…you would think that I’m all helped and totally fixed, right? You would be wrong…I’m nowhere near fixed, and likely never will be. I prefer to think of myself as a work in progress – some days my progress is akin to the pace of the hare from the children’s tale, other times it’s a tortoise’s pace for sure. The good news is that I’m mostly going forward (mostly), so…there’s that. Positive thinking! 😊

Speaking of which, lately I’ve been working on the power of positive thinking – an oldie but a goodie! I recently read Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘Super Attractor’, which I really enjoyed. In the past, I’ve found some of her books a bit too « woowoo » for me, and they’ve been tricky to get through without feeling cynical, as if I will never be in touch with my spirituality enough to be able to hang with the stuff Gabby is saying. This book felt different, though…I found it more accessible, and it really meant a lot to me. I was reminded that thoughts become things, and all of the crap that I regularly think about myself was likely part of the reason that things have often been difficult for me.

Since finishing this book, I have made conscious efforts to think more positively, to think about what I want (instead of what I DON’T want), and to focus on the great things that I do have. I can’t be certain, but it does seem that I am feeling a wee bit better about things – which is AWESOME. ♥️ It’s a start – every day is a new chance to make something magical happen…and I am really leaning into it and giving it a go. 🙏

I am really REALLY looking forward to the new year. It’s the ‘20s!!!!! I LOVE everything about the 1920s style and culture-wise, and I am bloody determined to make the 2020s just as great! I’ve been looking forward to this for AGES – this is going to be my decade, i just know it! 😀 To put my money where my mouth is – and to get my year off to the right start – I signed up for Gabby’s Manifesting Challenge, which begins January 1st. Every day for 21 days, I will get a daily lesson on manifesting, there will be challenges, homework assignments, training videos, and printable worksheets. The purpose of this 21 day challenge will be learning how to focus on the things I want in life, to help make those things a reality and not just one of the many dreams that I have but never do anything about. I am looking forward to doing the activities, to focusing on myself for once (instead of everyone else in my life) – I can’t wait to see how this will positively impact my life and make me better!! Exciting!!! Stay tuned!!!! 😊

What kinds of things do you do for your personal development and well-being? Yoga? Meditation? 2020 is going to be the year that I FINALLY master meditation – I’m getting better at it, I’m doing it more and more regularly, but I need to really make the time and commit to the practice. That’s my #1 New Year’s Resolution for the upcoming year – screw the standard ‘this year I will lose weight/grow out my hair/blah blah blah’ BS…the next year will be all about MOI, and working on being the best me that I can be. Can’t wait! 😘



Committed to making the world a better, brighter, sparklier bit of glitter at a time! ♥️

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