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As I mentioned in my first post, Dream a Little Dream of Me is not my first go round at the blog rodeo…I wrote a site called Pretty Thing for years, and I’m terribly proud of some of the things I shared on there. Every once in a while, I’m going to repost something from the old site, just to remind me of where I once was, so we can marvel together at how far (or not) I’ve come! Let’s start today with this piece, called ‘Spirit’, from 2017:

I have received more than my share of scorn from people when I decline to say grace before eating a meal. I always participate (bow my head respectfully, remain quiet, and keep my hands off the food), but I do not lead the pre-game prayer. This is not because I am a heathen (I promise), but because I don’t think it’s necessary to participate in all of the rituals of traditional religion. I prefer to think of myself as spiritual, rather than conventionally religious, and I feel most comfortable when I am able to pick and choose which practices I engage in. I find that my beliefs incorporate many different religions and philosophies – and that is okay, it works for me. I don’t restrict my conversations with a higher power to just before chowing down – I find that a running dialogue throughout the day works best for me. I’ve no idea whether or not anyone hears me…but I’m going to go with yes. 😉

See? Spiritual!

I came across this article and couldn’t wait to share it with you: 40 Spiritual Lessons I Learned In 40 Years by Heather Alice Shea A few months ago, I turned 40. Although I generally ascribe to the idea that age is just a number, I must admit that this particular birthday hit me right between the eyes. If I’m lucky enough to live to 80, then half my life is officially over. That’s a crazy thought.I wanted to celebrate somewhere awesome, so my husband and I went Mexico where we spent the day at Chichen Itza walking the Mayan ruins. I know enough about how universal synchronicity operates to understand it was no accident I ended up there. In a sense, I felt I wasn’t visiting so much as I was returning home.And as we strolled along the dusty hot grounds of this ancient and sacred site, I allowed my awareness to wander through the terrain within my own heart and mind, finding mementos in the form of lessons I’ve learned over my 40 years of living this life.Below is a list of some of the spiritual lessons I’ve learned in my 40 years thus far. Some are silly and some are serious, but hey, that’s life! Which brings me to the first one on the list.1. Even though it looks fun, parasailing in Mexico is not a good idea.2. Speaking your truth will absolutely piss some people off and that’s a good thing.3. You become more powerful than you can possibly imagine the moment you start believing in yourself.4. Your purpose isn’t something you do. It’s something you’re called to become.5. There are two kinds of people in this world. People who swear and people who don’t. People in the former category are way effing cooler than the latter.6. Your parents did the best job they could with what they had at the time. Forgive them. 7. You aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings. Be patient until they figure that out.8. The world is inherently neutral. Your experience of it mirrors your current level of consciousness and understanding, which in turn, enables you to learn.9. Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made in the history of forever.10. It is only possible to love someone as deeply as you love yourself.11. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence we have. 12. Your feelings are sacred. Only share them with people who will honor the bejesus out of them.13. If you need to cry, cry. But you can just as easily laugh about it, too, which is always more fun.14. Don’t take things personally. It’s really not about you; it’s about them.15. Love people enough to let them learn their lessons. It’s not your job to fix anyone.16. It’s far more kind to treat people the way they want to be treated than it is to treat them the way you want to be treated. **************17. Never ever, ever, ever give your power away. To anyone. For any reason. Ever.18. Do not apologize for things you haven’t done wrong or when you don’t really mean it.19. Having kids will drain the crap out of you. But once they’re older, they make you feel young.20. Blaming and shaming are a huge waste of time. Learn what you need to learn and move on.21. Botox is your best friend once your forehead wrinkles start running the show.22. Take a leap of faith. Only then can you learn that you really do know what you’re doing.23. Talent alone isn’t enough. Passion, persistence, action, commitment, and courage will take you everywhere.24. Failure is just one of the many steps you’ll take on you way to inevitable success.25. Santa isn’t real, but you still get presents.26. The universe is constantly trying to guide you through signs, symbols, and synchronicity. Pay attention.27. Knowing where you’re going isn’t necessary in order for you to get started.28. It’s cliché as hell but so very true that through love all things are possible.29. There comes a time in your soul’s evolution when you simply outgrow religion. It’s OK to let it go, even though the majority of people still seem to need it.30. If you can’t be happy right now for no reason at all, then you’ll never be happy because true happiness demands it come, “for no reason at all, right now.”31. “No” is a perfectly good answer that doesn’t need to be followed up with an explanation.32. It’s better to live a hard truth than a beautiful lie.33. There’s no point in achieving anything if you don’t stop long enough to celebrate it.34. You can be spiritual and still kick ass, drink whiskey, and be a real person who isn’t “love and light” all the time.35. Change is the only constant thing in the world. Your ability to manifest is directly correlated with how comfortable you are living in and with the unknown.36. Your greatest teachers in life will be the people who hurt and anger you the most. Be grateful for them.37. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality, and both are under your control.38. You can have it all but not at the same time.39. Wine and a night out with your girlfriends can solve a surprisingly ginormous amount of problems.40. The only person you have to spend the rest of your life with is you, so you’d better make friends with yourself fast.Today, I encourage you to reflect and make a list of your own life lessons. Wisdom can be found at any age, and I promise you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve acquired on your journey.

Good list, eh? I bolded (not sure if that’s a word or not – probably not) my favorites, I hope that some of these words will resonate with you as well. Let me know which ones speak loudest to you! 🙂



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