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Christmas is in just over two weeks, and I don’t know about you, friends, but I am NOWHERE near ready – not even close! The tree is up, the Elves on the Shelf are moving around the house daily and getting into mischief (there’s three of those little assholes in my house this year – I’m a sucker who will do anything to please the kid….), some presents are bought (and sitting in boxes in my closet) – nothing is wrapped, I’ve no idea where I am with the shopping and if I’m nearly done (I doubt I am)…nada. I’m not sure why, but it is taking me AGES to get my HoHo on this year – and I’m normally not like this. A regular year will find me up at midnight on October 31st, celebrating the end of Halloween by watching a Christmas movie, beginning to decorate the house, and dancing to Jingle Bells in my head. So. Something is definitely not right this year!

In the spirit of trying to fix my lack of Christmas spirit, my priority for the week is to finish up the Christmas shopping – woot! woot! Here are a few ideas to help you as you navigate the malls/online shopping for yourself:

The Five Minute Journal – This journal looks AWESOME! I want one! It’s structured to help you boost your happiness in just 5 minutes a day using the following: gratitude, prioritizing your day, 3 amazing things (SO GOOD!!!), inspiring quotes, daily affirmations, and an end of day reflection. Sounds fun, eh? 😊 I’m in!! 😊

Mindfulness Cards – with over 50 prompts and exercises for your mind and body, prioritizing yourself and your well-being will be no problem with these! Awesome!!

The Panda Planner – I have had Panda Planners before, and I LOVE them! I want to get one of these to start the new year off right! The layout of the Panda Planner is easy, has space for everything you could possibly want, and helps to empower you to get a grip on your life. Check these out – I promise you won’t be disappointed! 😊

Steven Singer Dog Necklace – I LOVE this necklace – this image is the necklace in rose gold, but it also comes in yellow gold, black, and silver, too. It’s an origami dog, and I think it’s PERFECT for the dog lover in your life! (yes, they have cats, too!)

Send me what you’re loving for Christmas this year, and I will share with everyone! Can’t wait to see your great ideas! 😊

Finally, before I go….nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like these two classic Saturday Night Live holiday sketches – ENJOY! 😊 Ho ho ho!

A Christmas Miracle

Schweddy Balls



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