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I Will Follow

Hey friends! Welcome to this week’s social media Follow Friday! We are talking Instagram this week – here’s some of my favorites:

Beth Stern – animal activist Beth Stern is a friggin’ INSPIRATION. Seriously. The work that she does for animal rescue is incredible, and she documents a lot of these furry creatures on her Instagram – it’s pretty much the highlight of my day, and Beth’s feed will fix any bad mood you may have – guaranteed. I love Beth and Howard, and I really admire the work they’re doing for animals – check out some of their crew:

See? I bet you’re feeling better already! A lot of these cats have special health needs, and because of that many of them don’t get adopted out, and they end up living with Howard and Beth, which is a pretty terrific way to live your life. Love! ♥️

Tess Holliday – Tess is an incredible model and body positivity activist, someone who is far too busy being her own bad self and living her life to worry what others think of her. She’s STUNNING (a word I’m generally loathe to use as it’s overused AF in media these days, but holy shit does it accurately describe her) and REAL. She’s a mom, she’s honest about the struggles of her life (and the never ending abuse she takes from bullshit trolls online) – and she’s even better, more amazing, and more beautiful in person. I met her five years ago when I attended an event of hers and got to do a photo shoot with her (believe me, I’m still as shocked as you undoubtedly are about me doing a photo shoot!!) – she was so sweet, kind and encouraging…we chatted about schooling for our kids, and she asked me a TON of questions about her son and his schooling. It was great, and she was exactly what you hope she would be – which is rare. Here’s some of her IG highlights:

She’s so beautiful, inside and out! 🙂

The Sabah Dealer – I came across the Sabah Dealer in 2013, and bought a pair of his shoes. I LOVED them – they were comfortable, versatile, and they lasted, all things I look for in a good shoe. Since then, I’ve worn my original black pair pretty much to threads (I actually just bought a new pair a couple of weeks ago, since I figured it was time to replace the originals – I would love to know how many miles I’ve put on those bad boys!), bought a bright blue pair and a pink suede pair (they are as fabulous as they sound, trust me)…and I’m expecting my first pair of shearling slide-style shoes to arrive in the mail any day now. I love these shoes THAT much – which is crazy. I know. The company was started by a super-interesting dude named Mickey Ashmore, and I’m madly in love with the business model he has created – here’s his Instagram, if you want to find out more (and here’s a link to his website):


Who are you following these days, my friends? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Follow Friday! 🙂



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