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Winter Wonderland

Robbie Williams has always been one of my very favorite artists – if you watch this DVD recording to the end (last song ‘Angels’ – I swoon), you will see my 28 year old smiling face beside the stage pretty much wetting myself from sheer excitement as he leans towards us. I had won tickets to the taping of this show, met Angelina Jolie in the loo (she was filming Tomb Raider at the same studio), charmed the security men to let us near the front of the line, and managed to work my way through the throngs of people to the very front of the stage – note: when I want something, I generally find a way to make it happen. Yaa me! Anyway – this show was recorded on October 31, 2002…so my interest in Robbie goes WAY back! Good news – he recently released a Christmas album, and it’s bloody brilliant! Love it! Here’s a link to hear the whole thing on YouTube: It’s lovely, festive, and Robbie’s cheeky voice will undoubtedly make you smile. 😊Enjoy! Ho ho ho!



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