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The Boxer

Happy Boxing Day! I hope that your Christmas Day was loooooovely, restful, peaceful, and snuggly – the way that Christmas Day should be! 😊 Tell me all about it! 😊

Our Christmas Day was nice – the morning began early with presents and breakfast; after all of that excitement was over, we kicked back and did nothing for a few hours, until it was time to start prepping dinner. As I mentioned a few days ago, we were switching up the menu this year and making a Low Country Seafood Boil – it was DELISH! πŸ˜Š Such a great, different, fun idea – loved it! I will definitely give this one a whirl again some time! πŸ˜Š

After dinner, I again engaged in doing nothing but listening to the TV and reading. It was awesome! I went to bed early – and I got up early this morning as it was back to work for me! Short holiday this year…such a difference from my years of working in schools! The good news is that I took advantage of the early alarm to run by the Lush store and partake in their annual Boxing Day sale – woohoo! Im SUCH a Lush lover…it’s ridiculous. I’ve loved them, their products, their business model/look/ethos for 20+ years….I wish I could go to work for them. I would be the greatest ambassador of their products – I LOVE them. Yaa!

I’m hoping for an easy day at work today, and a quick day tomorrow….then weekend! Yaa! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and that you’re enjoying your holiday time, however you’re spending it. Hugs and love!


PS: I didn’t take one picture over Christmas – I didn’t make a conscious decision to do that, I just put the phone down and left it alone, preferring instead to enjoy the moment. It was a nice couple of days. πŸŽ„


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