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Three Times a Lady

Three Times a Lady

I read the book “Three Women” over the weekend – and let me tell you, that was some time seriously well spent. Are you familiar with this book? It was written by journalist Lisa Taddeo – she traveled around the country until she met three different women that she was interested in writing about. She followed their lives for eight years (talk about a time commitment!) – she moved to the towns were two of the women lived, she tells their stories through interviews, diaries, legal documents…all of these artifacts are pieced together to tell the story of these women, their desires, and how their lives play out. The book is FASCINATING. ♥️

One of the women she profiles is Maggie (actually her real name) – she has an inappropriate relationship with a teacher while in high school, eventually goes public with it…and is branded a whore. Of course – people can be so cruel. Her story plays out in Fargo, and after an administrative leave suspension, the predator who took advantage of her is back at work in a classroom (he was the North Dakota State Teacher of the Year in 2014, in case you’re interested)…and she has had struggle after struggle. This shit breaks my heart, for real – Maggie deserved better than the treatment she received. I hope that her life turns around, and that things are looking up for her – she SO deserves it.

The second woman profiled is Lina (not her real name) – she’s an Indiana homemaker and mother of two kids, and she is deeply unsatisfied in her marriage. I understand her problems, she’s starving for affection… but I’m not sure about the lengths she goes to when it comes to getting what she needs (digging up the bones of a relationship from high school, one that’s probably better left dead and gone). The way that her high school flame treats her makes me very uncomfortable, likely because I’ve let men treat me in that shitty manner as well. I think Lina’s story cut too close to home for me…I felt squirmy and awkward while reading it. It was tough…but SO well written.

The last woman profiled was the least relatable, at least to me – Sloane (again not her real name) is gorgeous, thin, successful, runs a fancy-pants restaurant, comes from wealth, and happily married…to a husband who likes to watch her have sex with other men and women. I found NOTHING relatable about her, to be frank, and most of her issues screamed of #firstworldproblems to me, but… I’m likely bitter because I’m not gorgeous, thin, nor successful! 😉 I wouldn’t be cool with someone who could only feel thrills by watching me get it on with someone else, though…that would be a hard pass for me. I found her personality in the book to be quite cold, calculating – and such a contrast to Maggie, who came across as passionate, sensitive, and invested in the life she was trying to make for herself. The contrast was an excellent dimension of the book, and really spoke to the depth of research the author did. Mind blowing!

Overall, this book was one that I couldn’t put down…I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Happiness is a good book! I have tremendous respect for the author and the work that she put in to telling the stories of these women, all driven by their own desires (what do desires even look like in women?), but taking dramatically different paths. ARGH! Such a great book! Get reading – you’ll love it! 😊



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