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So Alive

How’s your week been? Have you been keeping up with the impeachment trial? I have not, as I figured it would only raise my blood pressure and make my headache worse. I’ve an acute sensitivity to bullshit, and from the bits I’ve heard, this trial is full of it. I don’t think the process will do what it should do, and sadly I think Teflon Don will slide through this situation like he’s slid through everything else, and it’s a shame. The political situation here is a farce, and it’s making us all look like buffoons. Enough already. PSA: Please be sure to vote come November – if you aren’t registered yet, here’s a link: . Every voice counts – really. Just do it.

This image here pretty much sums up my philosophy of life and how I approach things:

I hope your week has been better than mine, and I promise we will get back to regular content and business as usual around here this week! Enjoy your Sunday Funday – mwah! 💋 😘



Committed to making the world a better, brighter, sparklier bit of glitter at a time! ♥️

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