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I watched the documentary “Cheer” this week on Netflix – it.was.AMAZING. I didn’t intend to watch it: it started automatically after something I was watching had finished and I couldn’t find the remote, but let me tell you…THAT is must see TV! I’ve never known much about cheerleading (not usually my scene), but I learned a ton from this show, and I think I could now probably put together a full pyramid with a team of 20 if I had to. The cheerleaders featured are incredible athletes – but even more impressive was their backstories, and the kind of people they are. I told my family yesterday that I wanted both Jerry and Morgan to know that they have a home here with us, and they can join our family anytime they want – we love them and want them to do well. Since I’m the only one that’s seen the show, the rest of the clan was rather confused, but…I hope they trust my judgment. Both of those young adults showed more character, grit and determination than we usually see on TV (especially on shitty reality TV!), and I am here for it!

That’s Jerry on the left!

The main things I took away from “Cheer” were this: cheerleaders work so bloody hard that it blows your mind…the injuries alone were enough to derail normal people, but they plowed through the pain and kept going, never taking their eyes off the prize. I was also reminded about not judging books by their covers – all of these athletes look like the picture perfect image of what a cheerleader should be, yet nobody’s life is ever perfect, and theirs are as fraught with problems as the rest of us. I enjoyed the humanity of all of that. One of the cheerleaders featured – Gabi Butler – is already super-famous in the cheer world (because there is one, as I’ve recently learned), and she has endorsement deals here, public appearances there….seems to have it all – except she doesn’t. I felt truly sorry for her when I watched the coverage of her and her parents – those two seemed like a friggin’ NIGHTMARE! Talk about stage mother x 2 – her father was as bad if not worse than her mom!! I can’t imagine the pressure she feels because of them – hopefully their portrayal on the show was the result of bad editing and they aren’t like that in real life, as that would truly suck for Gabi. They were awful. She’s a talented kid who deserves better – she needs to go to school and get her education. Simple as that.

Coach Monica

A final takeaway from the show comes courtesy of Coach Monica Aldama – the way she cares for her athletes, the compassion yet toughness she shows to them…that shit was straight up inspiring. I want to do something that will make Coach Monica proud of me, because I can’t imagine how great that must feel. I also want to take that approach of hers and apply it to my life and what I do – figure out how to make those around me rise to the occasion the way the athletes did for Monica. She’s amazing!

Okay, okay…fangirl gushing over – just be sure to check out “Cheer”. I think you’re going to LOVE it! ♥️



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