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Did you watch the Grammy’s on Sunday evening? We did, but it was definitely a more somber affair this year…hard to have a celebratory evening in, as Alicia Keyssaid in her opening, “the house that Kobe built”, his retired jerseys hanging from the rafters…it felt weird.

Normally after an awards show, I LOVE recapping the red carpet and discussing who wore what (and why), but this year that doesn’t feel quite right. (Although, do yourself a favor and check out Lizzo’s white red carpet gown – Atelier Versace, I think – STUNNING) Instead, let’s talk about some of the performances, shall we?

Lizzo opened the show – and that girl (and her flute) can really take care of business. Gorgeous! Love her! 😊

People are crapping all over Usher and his tribute to Prince – I thought it was fine, although I couldn’t grasp the point of FKA Twigs writhing around on that pole as he sang (seriously, though – she’s amazingly fit, pole dancing is hella hard, and she was fantastic)…mind you, I don’t get the point of her name, so perhaps the problem lies with me.

I thought Steven Tyler sounded terrible during the Aerosmith/Run DMC performance, which really bummed me out…I love “Walk This Way”. I hope Steven is okay.

John Legend, DJ Khaled, and some others did a tribute to Nipsy Hussle – I don’t know what I expected, but I thought that for one night DJ Khaled could refrain from acting like the world’s greatest hype man and quit mentioning his own name during a performance, but…I was wrong. Sidenote: Can you imagine if DJ Khaled and Jason Derulo (another great dropper of his own damn name) collaborated? Christ.

I, like everyone on Twitter last night, was SO distracted by the spinach in the teeth of Nick Jonas…and, for whatever reason, Kevin Jonas leaves me confused as well…but I thought the rest of their performance was good. Tanya Tucker (how’s that for a throwback??!) and Brandi Carlile were AWESOME! I would be so happy if Brandi played the piano and sang me the Yellow Pages…I think she’s divine. 😊

Billie Eilish had a HUGE night, and I’m super-happy for her and her brother…I find them, and their story, so charming and sweet, and they make me happy. Listening to their interview on Howard Stern really made me into a believer where they’re concerned – I like seeing nice things happen to nice people!

The real standout for me, performance-wise, was Demi Lovato – damn, girl. The song she performed was incredibly emotional, and watching her stand there, tears running down her face, and pour her heart out with that incredible voice of hers? SO. MOVING. In my mind, she was the biggest highlight of the night, hands down – incredible: click here to watch.

What’d you think? Any standout performances for you?



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