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Whatta Man

I came across this tweet today:

Vile, eh? I know! What an ass! Imagine my surprise when I checked out his profile:

38,000+ followers???? What???? How?!?!!?! I do not understand someone who would write this shit, let alone those that would actively seek out the opinion of one as ridiculous as this. Jackass.

It’s no wonder that women struggle with self-esteem…look at the stuff that surrounds us. Since the Super Bowl last weekend, I’ve heard more than one man express such admiration for the bodies of Jennifer and Shakira (totally justified – those are fine looking women), but in the same breath they’re shitting on those of us who don’t look like that. I don’t get it. Why can’t all bodies be beautiful? Why is it that only that kind of body garners admiration? I do not get it. A woman I follow on Twitter expressed it best:

Perfect, right? Looking that way is their jobs, and they have resources to make that happen that I will NEVER have. They also don’t have to do the things that I do in a day (nor could they – just like my body will never move like Shakira moves hers without surgical intervention) it’s just hard to be held up to a ruler that is impossible to measure up to…I don’t hate on those women for looking the way that they do. My feelings are quite the opposite – I think they’re stunning, and they were clearly created on a good day of whatever higher being you believe in. But don’t hate on me because I don’t look like that, because I have tattoos (11 and counting), I’m a single mama, my arse is wider than theirs….the list is long. Love me because of those things…they’re what makes me awesome. ♥️



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