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I’m not the biggest NBA basketball fan, but I certainly know what’s going on in the world o’hoops (see how hip I am? I said ‘hoops’!). I celebrated with the rest of the Canadians last spring when the Raptors won the Championship, and during that historic run for the title, I kinda fell in love with a Raptors superfan. No, not Drake – shame on you for thinking that I could have anything but disdain for a dude who I will forever know as Jimmy on Degrassi who somehow completely reinvented himself (and his Canadian accent) to become some hot shot in music…speaking of which, every song of his sounds the same, and they usually sound nasally and whiny to me, so…there’s that. Anyway, my aside about my meh feelings towards Drake is over. Sorry. On to the real superfan that I’m digging – it’s none other than Nav Bhatia! If you don’t know his story, here’s the scoop (told through a great series of tweets written by Muhammad Lila):

Isn’t that awesome? This past weekend, the Basketball Hall of Fame honored him as a superfan, and he is now part of the Hall of Fame. How gorgeous is that?!!?!??! I love it!!!! ♥️♥️♥️ So deserving!!! I love it when good things happen to good people – it doesn’t happen enough these days.



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