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Welcome Back

Welcome, friends! This is my very first post after taking a break from blogging for a couple of years – Yaa!! If you’re new to me and my writing – welcome! Get comfy, grab yourself a drink….I’m happy you’re here. 😊 If you’re someone who has read my work before and has come back for more – thank you. ♥️ You make my heart super-happy! ♥️

The tiny dog loves to wear clothes – behold the back end of him in his Christmas jammies!

If you aren’t aware, I was an avid blogger for a number of years – at my busiest, I had 8000-10000 unique visitors a day to my site. Crazy!! After keeping up a super-busy editorial schedule for quite awhile, in conjunction with all that I had going on in my life, something had to give…and sadly it was the writing that I let go. I also found that I was struggling with my voice. I had always been very clear on who I was and what I wanted to say, but then things in my life started changing…and my voice slipped away from me somehow. Instead of worrying about it or trying to force it, I stepped back, took a break, and focused instead on living my life, and not just writing about it. This time away has served me well – I’m back, new blog/new look/new attitude, and I’m ready and raring to go! Let’s do this! 😀

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blog post with some terrible humor:

The name of the blog is a song title, which is something I always tend to do. Relating life to music is a huge part of me, as music is super-important in my existence, and I always relate life to songs. Dream a Little Dream of Me is an old favorite of mine…it’s beautiful. ♥️ Hearing it makes me think of happy times, lovely people, romance, possibility, love….all things and moods that I am here for! That’s kind of what the focus on this blog is going to be: good things, nice stuff, information that I think you’d be better off knowing, silliness, LOTS of music, book stuff….it’s basically going to be a conversation with me. Be brave, friends…I’m not always easy to handle, but I promise I’m worth it!!! 😊

Anyway – thanks for being here, I hope you’ll come back. I’m happy to see you, and I’m super-excited to embark on this new journey with you. Let’s do this. 😘