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To Make You Feel My Love

One nice thing that’s coming out of our quarantines is the interesting things that people are doing because they finally have the time to do them. I’m ready to do some online painting classes this weekend (woohoo!) and will likely bang on the piano for a few hours as well….just like Pink! She’s decided to learn the piano, and the first video she posted is GORGEOUS – enjoy!

Click on the image to launch the video!

Happy Friday, friends!


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Did you watch the Grammy’s on Sunday evening? We did, but it was definitely a more somber affair this year…hard to have a celebratory evening in, as Alicia Keyssaid in her opening, “the house that Kobe built”, his retired jerseys hanging from the rafters…it felt weird.

Normally after an awards show, I LOVE recapping the red carpet and discussing who wore what (and why), but this year that doesn’t feel quite right. (Although, do yourself a favor and check out Lizzo’s white red carpet gown – Atelier Versace, I think – STUNNING) Instead, let’s talk about some of the performances, shall we?

Lizzo opened the show – and that girl (and her flute) can really take care of business. Gorgeous! Love her! 😊

People are crapping all over Usher and his tribute to Prince – I thought it was fine, although I couldn’t grasp the point of FKA Twigs writhing around on that pole as he sang (seriously, though – she’s amazingly fit, pole dancing is hella hard, and she was fantastic)…mind you, I don’t get the point of her name, so perhaps the problem lies with me.

I thought Steven Tyler sounded terrible during the Aerosmith/Run DMC performance, which really bummed me out…I love “Walk This Way”. I hope Steven is okay.

John Legend, DJ Khaled, and some others did a tribute to Nipsy Hussle – I don’t know what I expected, but I thought that for one night DJ Khaled could refrain from acting like the world’s greatest hype man and quit mentioning his own name during a performance, but…I was wrong. Sidenote: Can you imagine if DJ Khaled and Jason Derulo (another great dropper of his own damn name) collaborated? Christ.

I, like everyone on Twitter last night, was SO distracted by the spinach in the teeth of Nick Jonas…and, for whatever reason, Kevin Jonas leaves me confused as well…but I thought the rest of their performance was good. Tanya Tucker (how’s that for a throwback??!) and Brandi Carlile were AWESOME! I would be so happy if Brandi played the piano and sang me the Yellow Pages…I think she’s divine. 😊

Billie Eilish had a HUGE night, and I’m super-happy for her and her brother…I find them, and their story, so charming and sweet, and they make me happy. Listening to their interview on Howard Stern really made me into a believer where they’re concerned – I like seeing nice things happen to nice people!

The real standout for me, performance-wise, was Demi Lovato – damn, girl. The song she performed was incredibly emotional, and watching her stand there, tears running down her face, and pour her heart out with that incredible voice of hers? SO. MOVING. In my mind, she was the biggest highlight of the night, hands down – incredible: click here to watch.

What’d you think? Any standout performances for you?


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Play That Funky Music

For whatever reason (or about 253 reasons), I’ve been super-deep in my feelings this week. I’ve felt overly sensitive and on the verge of tears about a hundred times; I actually turned my phone off on Christmas Day rather than have one more text full of questions from friends that I didn’t want to answer. I don’t know if I’m overly tired, suffering from allergies (that has been a big part of it, I’m sure of it), or what is going on, but…this week has had me riding the emotion train – and I’m not loving it. At all. My arse has fallen into a tremendous funk, and I need to find a way out – but how?

According to this list, getting out of a funk is so easy you can accomplish it in 15 minutes! Crazy, eh???! I know! Here’s the list:

10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk in 15 Minutes

It’s all about mind over matter. Here’s how to take an off-day and turn it into a productive one.

By Paresh Shah

This story first appeared on The Muse, a web destination with exciting job opportunities and expert career advice.

We all have off days from time to time. It’s human nature. But barring the occasional disaster or tragedy, a bad day is really only bad if you decide to stay in that frame of mind. As Martha Washington put it, “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not upon our circumstances.”

In reality, there are some simple actions that can put a positive spin on things and flip your switch from “ugh” to “awesome.” Here are a few things that can help you turn your day around.

1. Create Your Own Talisman

I have an electric guitar in my office. I’ll slap my headphones on and play my guitar to snap out of lethargy or bad moods–or to simply help my brain start solving problems. Find a physical object that you puts you in a happy, energized state. In A Few Good Men, Lt. Daniel Kaffee needed his baseball bat to think best. You likely have something similar, and it’s not only OK but essential to use props like these to get out of a funk. If you’re stumped, consider Play-Doh, a doodling pad, or a toy you loved as a child.

2. Make Connections

Instead of glancing over your News Feed, try making a connection with someone real. Even chatting with the barista at your local coffee shop can help put you in a good mood. (Here are a few conversation starters.) At my company, we make it a habit to touch base with one another before getting down to business. Sharing something that’s inspired us or that we’re grateful for during the day not only helps form human connections and build a positive atmosphere, but also makes our meetings shorter, more productive, and action-oriented.

3. Make Someone Else’s Day

Choose a person–whether you know him or not–and decide to make his day with a random act of kindness. Leave a note to brighten someone’s day, pay for someone’s coffee in line, or buy extra muffins and distribute them to your team members. Ask a co-worker if you can help her with something. Giving to others and appreciating what we’ve been given are two of the shortest paths to shaking yourself out of a bad mood. On that note:

4. Express Gratitude

Whether you do it in person, over the phone, via social media, or just in your own head, taking a moment to express gratitude leads to improved health, happiness, relationships, and income. A popular restaurant in Los Angeles, Café Gratitude, has its staff practice this every day, and it has one of the highest levels of customer and worker satisfaction in the business.

5. Daydream

Imagine what you might be doing if you were six, 10, or 15 years old. Draw it or write it down, then take a moment to find a photo online that captures its essence. By accessing part of yourself that’s younger, you tap into a time before your aspirations and dreams were reshaped by society. Better yet, spend time with a child. Just watching and spending time around a child opens you up to the freedom and carefree feeling of being young. 

6. Breathe

As one of my yoga teachers says, shallow breathing results in shallow experiences. Deep breathing, on the other hand, helps clear your mind, reduce stress, and reset your mood. An easy way to get started is by downloading The Mindfulness App, which Healthline called “straightforward and simple.” The quiet alerts, regular reminders, and customization options can make breathing such a routine part of your day that you may even find yourself needing to take mood-calibrating breaths less often.

7. Avoid the 4 Cs

There are four things you need to avoid to stay out a funk (not to mention office drama) in the first place: comparing, competing, criticizing, and complaining. If you catch yourself engaging in one of these unhealthy behaviors, redirect your attention to something happy, like a funny video, for an instant mood booster. (Just make sure the funny video doesn’t lead you to the latest dark headline or celebrity drama.)

8. Find a Quiet Space

Even if it means taking refuge in a bathroom stall, find a place where you can have a moment of quiet or move around and shake off the negative thoughts and feelings.

9. Listen to Music

Everyone has a few tunes that never fail to lighten their spirits. Put on some headphones, and crank it up. Better yet, play it out loud in your car, and sing along.

10. Take a Walk

Go for a walk, or try having a walking meeting. In addition to the health benefits, walking has shown to have amazing mood-boosting powers. Sometimes you just need a quick change of scenery to improve your state of mind.

There are a variety of other techniques that can help you shift your day from bad to better. Sometimes escaping a bad mood is all about remembering that, as author Regina Brett put it, “No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments.”

A bad moment is just a tiny fraction of your entire day, and a bad day is just one out of your entire life. The more good moments you create, the fewer bad days you’ll have, and the less glaring the bad ones will seem.

So the next time you feel like your day is going south, put these tips into practice, and let the good days commence.

There’s a few things here I can work with – taking walks usually helps improve the quality of my day, as does listening to music. I’m ALWAYS seeking quiet spaces to be (another anomaly with me – I find the world entirely too loud these days…I want more peace and quiet), so that one makes sense as well. I keep hearing about the magical restorative powers of deep breathing, but…I struggle to make that one work for me. I find myself getting light-headed sometimes (especially during cedar season, which has hit my part of Texas with a bloody vengeance)…maybe it’s just me. I think the big one for me is the 4 Cs…comparing, competing, criticizing, and complaining. I’ve actively worked on the complaining bit for years – and I’m still trying to cut that shit right out of my life….it’s hard, though. I’m trying. I don’t think I’m much of a criticizer (out loud), so that’s one thing. The big struggle for me is the comparing and competing – I ALWAYS feel like I’m in a competition with other people, and I don’t.know.why. I don’t know why I have to compare myself to others ALL THE DAMN TIME, and why I ALWAYS come up short. It’s frustrating. It’s no joke that comparison is the thief of joy – but how do you overcome that? If you have ideas, please send them my way – I need the help.


I hope that you’re managing your holiday time with as little anxiety and stress as possible. It’s almost time for the new year, and it’s a new decade to boot! Exciting!!! Bring on the ‘20s…time to roar!!! 😊



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Put It All On Me

Do yourself a favor and watch Ed Sheeran’s new video – it features real-life couples of all ages dancing together, and it’s AMAZING! The stories written on the bottom of the screen are their real stories, and it’s just so beautiful. ♥️♥️♥️ Ed and his wife are in the video as well – awesome!!!!


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Winter Wonderland

Robbie Williams has always been one of my very favorite artists – if you watch this DVD recording to the end (last song ‘Angels’ – I swoon), you will see my 28 year old smiling face beside the stage pretty much wetting myself from sheer excitement as he leans towards us. I had won tickets to the taping of this show, met Angelina Jolie in the loo (she was filming Tomb Raider at the same studio), charmed the security men to let us near the front of the line, and managed to work my way through the throngs of people to the very front of the stage – note: when I want something, I generally find a way to make it happen. Yaa me! Anyway – this show was recorded on October 31, 2002…so my interest in Robbie goes WAY back! Good news – he recently released a Christmas album, and it’s bloody brilliant! Love it! Here’s a link to hear the whole thing on YouTube: It’s lovely, festive, and Robbie’s cheeky voice will undoubtedly make you smile. 😊Enjoy! Ho ho ho!


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Follow You Down

Every Friday, I’m going to share with you a few social media accounts that I think are worth following – there’s SO much garbage out there that sifting through it all can get tedious and smelly. I’m aiming to make your life a wee bit easier – woot!woot! Here we go – today we will talk Twitter:

@MarkDuplass – director, actor, writer, musician, all-around AWESOME dude. He posts all the time, and his posts are consistently kind, sweet, funny, and generally leave you feeling a warm fuzziness in your belly. LOVE him! Here’s some of his recent highlights:

  1. PiperPerabo – actress, activist, bad-ass extraordinaire. She has chosen to use her platform to promote issues that matter – voter registration, the bullshit that is the political climate in the US (she was arrested during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus and recently as part of Jane Fonda’s climate change ‘Fire Drill Fridays’), social awareness…she’s fantastic, and a great voice for women everywhere. Here’s what she’s been up to:
  1. @jannarden – Canadian singer, writer, actress, and person who writes songs that make me feel seen. I’ve followed Jann for years, I feel like I know her family (and pets), and I LOVE the way she interacts with her audience…she’s brilliant at engaging people in conversations. She happened to ask a question on Twitter a few months ago about bad dates that I had to reply to…and my Twitter blew up! Take a look:

There’s SO much negativity on Twitter, and somehow crappy stuff seems to creep in to my feed all the time…I don’t get it. I prefer people who share my political beliefs, who make me laugh, who make me think….I want to feel good when I’m partaking in social media. I can feel like garbage on my own – I sure as hell don’t need help with it from the peeps on Twitter!!!!

Anyway – send me the people that you follow and love! I can’t wait to find some great new peeps!!! 😊