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What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Big news this afternoon – Prince Harry and his wife released a statement declaring their intention to step down from royal duties, split their lives and homes between the UK and North America, and focus on other, non-royal things in their lives – read the details here.

The world is abuzz about this one…which is likely the reason they’re moving in the damn first place! For shit sakes, media – LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Have we learned nothing from Harry’s mother??! It’s bloody shameful. The Palace released a statement saying that they were not given a heads up about all of this, which is not cool at all…they should’ve at least had the courtesy to share their decision with his family first. However, they sure as hell don’t owe the world anything – hopefully they’re happy, and it would be mighty cool if they were able to redefine the monarchy for these modern times. The current model is considered antiquated by many – maybe it’s time for a change? Regardless, I wish them well and hope they find the peace they’re seeking. ✌️